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Pope Benedict, a sign of things to come..

So I don't use this ever, huh? Well I am going to try to, starting today. I'll be wicked "scene", or something like that. More or less something I can go back to look at and see what kind of a fool I was. So since the last time I used this a lot has happened. I'm offically a "drummer". Captain of the Bassists in our school drumline, Co-captain behind Dave. Dave's incredible, and he's taught me so much already, as has Mr. Winship. I'm lucky to have them around to help me out and get me to catch up to speed since I've never been formally taught anything.

Today me and my friend Marlo went for a walk in my woods. Not really "planned" so to speak. She brought her camera with black and white film and we just walked to the back of the fish hatchery and took pictures. Got lost somewhere though, and it took about 3 hours to get home. After we made a trip to get some grub from D'Angelos, and talked more about how life was for the both of us, since we don't really ever talk anymore. I guess friends come and go; what can you do. Live and learn, enjoy what time you have together and make the most of it. Make music, and save it. Save it on anything, tape, cd, 8-track if you must. The memories last forever. For instance, the Civil Disobedience (for those of you who don't know, my first band from like 7th grade) tapes I still have, and even though the music sucked as well as the recording, it's all good memories. I wish Waiting In Vain had recorded more, and I wish Gabriel recorded something. I'm trying to get Chasing Angels into the studio, but it won't be for a month or two. We need to before June though, or we'll be fucked.

I've decided I want to start another (yes, another) project band just myself. I need a name, and I think it's going to be a mix of everything imaginable. I know, strange. Acoustic and electric stuff, whatever I'm in the mood for or what I write that doesn't fit Chasing Angels. Maybe even just have some poems read, we'll see. I'm not going to hold back at all, that's the purpose of it. A complete outlet without cares of what it sounds like. I was thinking of the name "In Peace and War". Like it? Well I hope so because it's already decided. Did right now. So we'll see how that works out.

Well I guess that's all I've got to say for now. So long kids.
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